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En attendant une nouvelle exposition (et publications) en France

Pour la première fois, une exposition différente, préentée dans trois lieux différents en Ethiopie : Le Louvre hôtel, Alliance Française d’Addis Abeba, et Alliance Ethi-française de Dire Dawa (une des toutes premières au monde, ouverte en 1908). Des conférences sur un sujet inédit, extraordinaire, d’abord présentée à Asmara (Alliance Française d’Erythrée)... par José-Marie Bel

Voici une réalité, réelle et bien vraie : expositions, rencontres, conférences, discussions, débats, invitation par l’auteur à participer au rapprochement entre les peuples d’Erythrée et d’Ethiopie, et la région du Tigray... Un succès formidable dans ces trois lieux, où il y a eu un accueil sincère. En attendant une exposition, conférences et publication prochainement... Merci.

Ethiopia –Eritrea : Exhibition of old photographs & conference by José-Marie Bel An exhibition of old photographs, “Ethiopia – Eritrea : Historical Albums”, followed by a conference hosted by French ethnologist and historian José-Marie BEL. Since 1974, José-Marie Bel, French ethnologist and historian, has focused his studies and works on the heritage of the Horn of Africa and South Arabia. He carried out research there, in particular on the history and iconographic memory of the years 1880 to 1941. Over 20 years ago, he discovered the existence of amazing photographic albums produced by one or more Italian photographers in the years 1910- 1930 : a monumental collection in black and white. The albums are all named “Fondazione dell’impero IX maggio Anno XIV” with reference to May 9, 1936, the date of Italy’s annexation of Ethiopia and Somalia. Despite this title, this monumental album is a tribute to what was Abyssinia at that time, a panorama depicting its beauties, its characteristics, its people. There are a few rare Italian style buildings, signs of the colonial presence, and many landscapes, natural sites, unknown villages, ancient cities and archaeological monuments. There are above all various ethnic groups, splendid portraits of men, women and children as well as scenes of worship, ritual or simple everyday life. These albums still contain mysteries : name of the photographer (s), exact dates, means, types of cameras used (because there are splendid panoramas) ? José-Marie Bel, ethnologist, historian, visual artist, architect, restorer of the Maison Rimbaud in Aden (Yemen, 1992-94) will facilitate a discussion after the opening of the exhibition. He has produced a large number of exhibitions, conferences and missions. He is the author of fifteen books. He is the co-founder with Professor Théodore Monod of the Queen of Sheba Space, former president of the Amis de Rimbaud, member of the Geographical Society. Discussion in English. Free entrance

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